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New Beginnings

So now I’ve got to have a new blog! You’d think those techie people would consider those of us who are over 21 and not keep changing the software. I am assured,(by those who profess to know), that I will find this format even easier to use than my old webmac. It’s been doubly irritating not to be able to blog anything about our old girls reunion so I’ve decided I will do it retrospectively and hope I can remember some of the problems we encountered in getting to it off the ground.

So here we are in 1964, newly qualified SRN’s ready to leave Hammersmith Hospital behind.

Actually there are a few of us missing; we started out in 1961, the Integrated Nurse as a group of 15. Brenda decided nursing wasn’t for her after all and left us after the first year and I’ll try and remember what happened to the rest. Kate & Ali left in our third year, Kath (now Kathy) left after Finals Ann and Ped had to retake their final exams three months later with Ruth who had had too much sick leave.

Anyway, we spent a further year getting our District Nurse and Health Visitor qualifications until we all went our separate ways in the summer of 1965.

Kay (now Kath) tried to get us all together a few years ago but I guess we were all too busy doing out own thing as she didn’t get much interest from anyone. Now we are all 43 years older, maybe wiser and with a whole range of life experiences between us, so it seemed a good idea to try again. This time we had time constraints because Ruth who works in Zambia was home on leave until the end of October; this acted as a great catalyst which helped to concentrate our minds and get things organised.

October 9th 2008, was the chosen date and two months to arrange a venue and contact everyone we could find.

October 25, 2008 - Posted by | Reunion


  1. very good.. now, how easy was that ?

    Comment by J | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Not at all actually, think I need further tuition, Mars edit didn’t work!

    Comment by jackiepepper | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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