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One Year Later

Its one year today since I moved to Northwich after over 29 years of living in Keyworth. I’ve just read my old blogs of that traumatic event,(would do a link to them but I don’t know how to, or if it’s even possible since Mac messed up the software), anyway I’d forgotten much of what happened that day and the problems in the week before. Sally managing to get a nasty tummy bug and me having to fit in a visit to the vet while trying to say goodbye to everyone and pack a multitude of boxes.

I do remember thinking the day after I got here that I should make a list of jobs that needed to be done in the house and then I could get them done in the right order. One year later and I’m afraid there are still many things on the list that I haven’t accomplished. I got the shower sorted and a radiator put in the conservatory, got an electrician to do the outside lighting and new boiler timer, got a tiler to do the kitchen tiles, managed to strip the walls in the hall and kitchen and a joiner to box in the pipes and make good the skirting and architrave in the hall. The next job should have been the decorating before I could get rid of the horrendous carpets in the lounge and hallway.

Since my mother died at the beginning of May, though, things have ground to a halt, I was more concerned about my father and until a couple of months ago just haven’t been bothered to think about the decorating, then there was the reunion to get sorted. I had got some tester pots of paint and tried them out but it wasn’t until the beginning of September that I got a couple of painters in to give a quote.

When I eventually managed to get two firms to come,(a number just didn’t bother to turn up, as I’ve experienced before) the quotes were so wide apart one being £1400 and one £400, that I decided I needed at least another one to make a decision and that’s as far as it’s got.

So here I am, a year later, living with a hallway and kitchen that look like shit and still with carpets I can’t stand! On a positive note I’ve managed to get my car serviced and MOT’d courtesy of a mate of Jason’s but at a highly inflated price, compared to my old mate Mick; I’ve found good kennels for Sally and I can get around most places now without the sat nav.

Overall, I’m happy in my new abode and will be even happier when I get a new gardener for next season, the one I’ve got now is not a patch on Dave!

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