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Christmas Cake

Last year I didn’t get around to doing a Christmas cake as I was too busy trying to sort the house getting plumbers and electricians in so I didn’t test the new oven. Every oven varies and I’ve now had a year to get used to it but haven’t baked any cakes, let alone a fruit cake.

Today I had designated to bake my Christmas cake; I suppose I should have tried it out before but I’m not that organised so today was the moment of truth. The recipe I’ve always used is my grandmother’s but she used to cook hers in a coal fired range oven so over the years I’ve had to adapt the timings to suit each new oven I’ve used.

I’d already soaked the fruit for 24 hours so this morning it was just a matter of putting it all together and having the energy to stir the mixture. I don’t have an oven thermometer so with a fan oven had to guess the temperature and timings; it’s a journey into the unknown since opening the oven door to see how things are going could be disastrous.

The baking time requires a gradual decrease in temperature for an hour at a time and I’ve always been guided by the smell of baking as to when it’s safe to open the oven door to have a look. After an anxious three hours I took the plunge and opened the door.

Christmas Cake

As you can see I will need to bake a few more before I get it right. It was well cooked but I think had been done too fiercely so it’s a bit overdone and cracked on the top; I expect it might be a bit dry too.

Can’t do anything about the overdone top but hopefully with a few doses of whisky over the next few weeks it’ll pass muster and I’ll try do one or two more before next Christmas!

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