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I’ve been meaning to get a tray of 6 deep muffin tins for some time. I’ve found they are the best for making excellent Yorkshire puddings. When the kids were at home I used to make 12 in a tray I brought back from the US in 1969. When they left home and I was on my own I bought a proper Yorkshire Pudding tray but never found it satisfactory.

I don’t make Yorkshires for myself very often so thought I would try those Aunt Bessie things; they were horrible so that wasn’t the answer. Only when I’ve decided to make Yorkshires have I remembered about a small muffin tray so I’ve been putting up with the dedicated Yorkshire tray ever since.

For some reason I remembered today as I was writing my shopping list. I called in at the ‘Cook Shop’ where they only had trays of 12 but the really helpful assistant told me I could get one in the ‘Shop With No Name’ a marvellous little shop that sells everything and at knock out prices! I called in and found this…..

Muffin Tray

Now what is a Friand? You may have heard of them but I hadn’t. I Googled it and now I know that a Friand is a ‘small, moist, dense, rich, almondy cake which is truly awesome’ and it gave me a recipe.

The tins are nice and deep but are oval and I’m not sure if oval Yorkshires will be aesthetically pleasing! Technically, I don’t see why they shouldn’t do for Yorkshires but if not maybe I’ll give the Friands a go.

If you’ve ever had a Friand let me know if they really are ‘truly awesome’!

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