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Whoopee do! Israel has agreed to a 3 hour respite from the bombing of Gaza!

The killing of hundreds of Palestinians, including innocent women and children, by Israeli armed forces goes on and on. I listen to the continuous news bulletins and the intransigence of both sides would appear to make any resolution to the conflict unlikely to happen anytime soon. All the interviews I’ve heard with people supporting each side has degenerated into hysterical rhetoric.

I have heard Israeli government spokespersons and military commanders justifying the bombardment of villages in Gaza by saying that it’s Hamas’ fault for siting rocket launchers in civilian buildings. Then Hamas supporters say the Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip is illegal; they don’t recognise Israel and want it’s complete obliteration.

I don’t know that I can support either side but what can’t be denied is that Israel’s superior fighting power (with the support from the USA and particularly George W Bush) shows a total lack of care and compassion for the innocent people living in a small strip of land with no means of escape.

So today I hear that Israel has decided that a 3 hour a day respite from the attacks will help people who have no water, no food and are living day and night in fear of their lives.

As I said, Whoopee do! But if they can do it for 3 hours why can’t they stop altogether!

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