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Sally developed a urinary infection on Boxing Day and having been up and down all night to let her out for a wee, I took her to the vet on the 27th. A couple of injections and a course of antibiotics were prescribed and after a couple of days she seemed back to her old self.

The course of antibiotics finished on Monday but by yesterday morning it was obvious that the infection hadn’t gone and she was once again peeing every two minutes and in obvious distress. Back to the vet we went and this time they kept her in to do an endoscopy on her bladder to see what was going on.

I spent a few anxious hours until the vet rang and, to my relief, said she had found inflamed patches on the bladder wall, had taken a biopsy but didn’t think there was anything sinister. When I went to collect Sally a couple of hours later, the nurse gave me a course of another antibiotic but said I needed to collect a urine sample before I gave her any.

How do you collect a urine sample from a bitch? Stick a plastic bag to her back end? Try and get her to pee into a bowl? I consulted with a friend who said I should stick a swiss roll tin (or similar) under her back end as soon as she squatted down to wee. I decided the best time to know when she was going to have a wee would be first thing this morning and then she would be able start the antibiotics.

So at 6.15 this morning the scenario was this, me following Sally around the garden in the dark, apart from the security light which went on and off as we moved through the sensor, armed with a torch and the lid of a tupperware box. Sally was obviously suspicious of this activity and wandered around for ages before finally squatting down and I could pounce and shove the lid under her back end.

The nurse said she didn’t need very much urine, which is lucky since Sally objected to the indignity and walked off as quickly as the lid went under.

How much is not very much? I’ve now got a little bit of wee in a bottle ready to deliver to the vet hoping it’s enough and I don’t have repeat this exercise again anytime soon.

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