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The New NHS

A few days ago the BBC reported that during the last two years there had been a 60% rise in patient deaths due to errors in care which experts said was due to ‘better reporting rather than worsening care’.


This afternoon as I drove past the entrance to my GP surgery, I saw a lone man, standing on the pavement opposite, holding a placard. He was a youngish man and judging by the state of his clothing had been standing there, in the rain, for some time. Intrigued, I slowed down and was able to read on the placard the following;


I saw one person stop and speak to him but most people were just passing by and patients entering the surgery were studiously avoiding looking at him. What has happened I wonder? Is his wife another victim of NHS errors?

The poor man is obviously angry about his wife’s condition but perhaps the error is that no-one has taken the time to sit him down and explain about the care she’s been given.

If it’s a true case of poor care perhaps he’s been down the formal complaint route and felt he didn’t get any satisfactory answers but either way it’s a sad reflection of the new NHS that people are driven to such extreme lengths to express their dissatisfaction.

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