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Shane arrived this morning in the Sebastian Strawberry van with my grocery order from Ocado.

Since I retired I’ve missed being able to pop in to Waitrose for good quality food items. I made one journey out to nearest one in Sandbach but the cost of petrol for the round trip on top of Waitrose high prices, made it something I decided I couldn’t do very often.

Last week my friend said she’d received a voucher from Ocado (Waitrose delivery service) and decided to try them out. I got a similar voucher this week and did the same.

The web site wasn’t as easy to navigate as Tesco but I was interested to see that they also supplied a Tesco price comparison on many standard items. Once I’d completed the order I had to choose a delivery slot and was delighted to find that I could choose slots of one hour rather than the two. The delivery charges were less and could be reduced even more by choosing one when a van was already in my area, something which will help reduce the carbon footprint and which I’ve always thought Tesco should have addressed.

My friend had told me that she’d been contacted by Ocado reminding her of her delivery and sure enough last night I received a reminder text and giving me the latest time I could change the order if I needed to. Then this morning another text telling me that ‘Shane would be arriving in the Sebastian Strawberry van’ and, as added security (in case I didn’t recognise Sebastian Strawberry, I suppose), it gave me the registration number of the van.

There were no missing items in my order and no substitutes. There was an added bonus of a free copy of today’s Times newspaper and a welcome folder from Ocado with 3 free T-bags.

Overall I am very pleased with the service, the cost was only marginally more than Tesco and customer services were just as efficient in re-imbursing me for my shampoo which was leaking. I will certainly give them another try particularly as the groceries come in pretty orange and lilac bags.

January 28, 2009 - Posted by | 1

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  1. Ooooh! How exciting!!
    Have to try them when I get back, can I have those T-bags? :0P

    Comment by Mrs Catt | January 29, 2009 | Reply

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