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Snow Event

The top story in the news for the past two days has been the snow ‘event’ which brought the southern counties to their knees and the capital to a standstill when dear Boris took all the buses off the roads. The airports closed, surface trains were cancelled, the tubes delayed and countless schools closed.

Why was the fact that it had snowed in Britain such a surprise? For someone who was brought up in the North East, each winter meant many days when I had to walk to school through four feet of snow. The reason for all the hype then, was that the snow had had the temerity to fall in the soft south.

Newspapers have had pages and pages of photos of snowmen, sledging, snowball fights and people skiing to work but I can’t believe what I found in today’s Guardian. I had to go through the first 7 full pages before I found any news which wasn’t about the snow but to cap it all in G2 I found this article.


I’m assuming Brian McDonald wrote this  with tongue in cheek ‘cos I can’t believe that anyone has ever needed instructions on how to make a snowball! God help us if he didn’t!!!

February 3, 2009 - Posted by | oldpeople

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