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Over the past few days I’ve had plastic bags from these four charities put through my letterbox. They are all asking for any old clothing, ‘no bric a brac’.

Charity Bags

Now how do I choose? Which one is more deserving of my old clothes? Blind Children? Age Concern? Barnados? or the cancer charity Tenavus?

I did a cull of my old clothes when I moved house last year, so I haven’t got that much to get rid of. Do I put one sweater in each bag or choose the most worthy and ignore the other three?

Then there’s the problem of those I’ve ignored! Although they always say they will pick up the empty bags, I have yet to have that happen. All the bags state that they ‘remain the property’ of the charity so if I bin them instead am I technically stealing?

Such a dilemma!!

February 13, 2009 Posted by | 1 | 2 Comments