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New Glasses

I’ve had been aware for some time that I was finding it increasingly difficult to read the small font on food labels so five weeks ago I finally went to the opticians.

Having my eyes tested is second only to the dentist on my list of most hated activities, so I didn’t go for the appointment with any joy. I hate them blowing air into my eyes while telling me not to blink, then the flashing lights of the peripheral vision test is enough to put me into a panic; I’m always sure I’ve missed some! Then it’s the red and green lights and the optician asking ‘better or worse’ as she flips the lenses in front of your eyes and while I’m trying to decide she flips them back again.

Next I have to decide on which frames I’m going to wear for the next two years and not end up hating after two months; then I hold my breath as the optometrist adds up the final cost of lenses and frames. Finally the torture is over and I can escape.

Two weeks later I went back to pick up the new glasses. As I was driving home I was aware that they didn’t seem right and reverted to my old ones. I put the new ones on when I got home and as I knew that I’d had a big change in the prescription for both distance and near vision I persevered wearing them throughout the day.

The next morning, I put the new glasses on again and suddenly became aware of a black line moving across the vision in my right eye as I moved from near to distance vision; on went the old glasses but it was still there. Sometimes it was a sharp line, sometimes a grey blur. It stayed all day and was there again the next morning. Very scary!

After the weekend I went back to the shop and after making a fuss with the ‘jobsworth’ receptionist I was finally told I could be seen by the optician.

The optician was very thorough and understanding of my fears; apparently I’m not going blind but have PVD, (Posterior Vitreous Detachment) the colloquial name of which is ‘ floater’. She said I have a large floater and it was a coincidence that it appeared at the same time as I got my new glasses.

I understand that about 75% of people over 65 have PVD and can take up to 6 months to settle down if ever! So here I am with black lines moving across my eye willy-nilly as a constant reminder of the passing of the years.

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