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New Experience

Today I visited a chiropractor for the first time. When I lived in Nottinghamshire any issues I’ve had with my back and neck were sorted by a visit to a friend who is an orthopaedic physician, now I have no access to him unless I make an 180 mile round trip.

My problem started last Monday, when after enjoying my post-gym cup of coffee I found I couldn’t stand up without severe pain in my lower back. I wasn’t aware of having done anything out of the ordinary at the gym but the manner and location of the pain made me realise it was certainly muscular rather than a disc.

I could treat this myself, I thought and got dosed up with strong pain killers, extra cushions and a hot water bottle and walked around for a bit every half hour. Tuesday came and went with little improvement but lots of frustration when I couldn’t pick things up from the floor.

I rummaged in the garage and found a grabber which once belonged to my late aunt which solved the problem somewhat but it didn’t help when emptying the dishwasher and although it was good for putting out the empty milk bottle I had to crawl to the door and bring the full one in in stages.

Over the next few days my back improved but although I was virtually pain free by yesterday I was aware of a tightness in the muscle and finally gave in and go and see somebody. A friend recommended the Cheshire Chiropractic Clinic which happens to be in Northwich. I’ve always had some misgivings about complementary medicine having heard many stories about unqualified practitioners but I checked the clinic out and made an appointment.

I have to say the assessment was very thorough and I was relieved when he made the same diagnosis of a muscle strain as I had. The treatment wasn’t unpleasant although having wedges propping up each side of my body and the table dropping suddenly as he poked and prodded my back was a bit weird but the massage which followed was very relaxing.

Treatment finished and then he said my back would probably be worse later and I should apply ice packs for 10mins each hour. He was right! That’s where I’m at now and I don’t much like the ice pack, much prefer a comfy hot water bottle but I’ll do as he says and go back on Tuesday for a repeat performance.

I know many people swear by these complementary medical practitioners but I have always been wary, however, now I can tick another experience off my list and assuming the pain goes away for good it’ll have been worth overcoming my fears.


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