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BSkyB update

Alas the saga continues!

At 1.00pm I received a call from Sky asking me if I wanted to have my HD box earlier than Monday, I pointed out that I had expected to have it today so my answer to her question was in the affirmative. She said to give her 10 or 15 minutes and she’d ring me back.

One hour and 45 minutes later I was still waiting and wondering what was going on and had yet another visit been cancelled without telling me. I returned her call but the number she called from is not available to mere customers so I rang the main number and having gone through the number of options yet again I got an advisor, that’s fourth I’ve spoken to today.

I had to explain the whole sorry mess again and he said “I see your installation was cancelled. Why was that?” Poor bloke, it’s lucky I’m totally exhausted by the situation or he’d have got both barrels. He didn’t know who had rung but confirmed that the installation was still booked for Monday morning.

At least this bloke admitted that all their apologies for my inconvenience were meaningless and he put in a request for a credit of £40 credit to be applied to my account.

Watch this space!!!!!


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