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Coffee, Cake & Chat

The other day I got this pushed through the door!

As I read the card I had the same reaction as I do to the unsolicited junk mail from Saga! Why does somebody think I’m a lonely old woman in need of company?

I cannot imagine anything worse than turning up to have coffee & cake with a bunch of complete strangers, never mind the fact that are a ‘holy’ bunch of strangers presumably out to save me! The only thing that stirred my curiosity a little was to see how an old railway station has been turned into a church. The station building is no longer used but the trains still run regularly and stop to pick up and drop off passengers which must be a bit distracting during services.

However, my curiosity isn’t great enough for me to succumb to the invitation. Old I might be, after all I was born before the dinosaurs, but in need of company? NO! I’m independent, self-sufficient and very happy with my own friends and family and indeed with my own company!

So come every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm, I won’t be there!


October 26, 2010 - Posted by | oldpeople |

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  1. Entirely agree! Can’t imagine anything worse. I’m always getting asked to go to the church weekly coffee morning. Not on your Nellie, and I know some of the people there! Never heard before of Marmite fingers. Ooh. No good if they contain sugar, though. x

    Comment by wheatcrofts friend | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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