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It’s Been a Long Night

Don’t know how much sleep I got last night but it wasn’t much and it was all Andy Murray’s fault!

I started watching the final on TV but when the first set went to 12:10 in the tie break with many rallies going to 20 shots or more, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch to the finish. I’ll do the sensible thing, I thought, set record, go to bed and listen on the radio.

Normally, listening to the radio in bed is a sure way of falling asleep, so I set the snooze button for 30′ and snuggled down. The second set was under way and was so enthralling to listen to that the snooze button cutting off the commentary was both a surprise and an annoyance.

I switched the radio on again and this time set the button for an hour, surely I’d have succumbed to sleep by then. Murray won the second set and things were looking good but, as I should have expected, Djokovic raised his game and went ahead in the third set. The radio went off again and this time I switched it back on and didn’t bother to set snooze.

I dozed on and off during the third and fourth sets and then it was the fifth! The balance of power in the fifth set swung one way then another; no way I was going to get to sleep then.

Finally it was over, Murray had won! I looked at the clock…2.30am! Ok, I thought, 3 hours kip before I have to get up and walk the dog!

Needless to say…I feel like s**t today but it was worth it! No longer could the tennis pundits say that no male Brit has won a singles Grand Slam since Fred Perry!


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