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Junk Mail

All of us get unsolicited mail and more so since the Royal Mail contracted to deliver it. Normally I just chuck it into the recycling pile without reading it but yesterday I received a really posh envelope, correctly addressed and with no outside adverts.

Intrigued, I opened the envelope to find it was junk mail from a private school, Queen Ethelburga’s, in York offering me free fees for one term, free uniform or free laptop. There was also a mini prospectus for the school and a CD I assume, since I haven’t listened to it, listing the many and varied reasons why I should send my kids there.

As my kids are 40 and 37, I somehow don’t think they would appreciate being sent away to school, even if I could afford the enormous fees but it made me wonder why on earth I’d been sent all this stuff.

I always assumed that mailing lists were used by organisations to target people who might use/buy their services/products so why am I on a mailing list used by a poncy private school. I have tried to think of stuff I’ve bought that might have propelled me onto the independent schools list but apart from buying books and toys from Amazon for my grandkids, I can’t think of anything.

How many people have bought children’s goods from Amazon? Thousands I guess, so if that’s the source of the list it’s going to cost Queen Ethelburga’s a pretty penny to send out this expensive package to them all.

January 17, 2010 Posted by | oldpeople | | 2 Comments